God has gifted you in a special way to be a blessing to others. Discovering how God has gifted you and then exercising that gift in service to others brings fulfillment, meaning, and purpose to all of life. Listed below are the various ministry teams available to serve on at Grace. If you want to discover how God has gifted you or to find out more about these teams, email for more information on our Launch New Members Class.

Grace Kids

Our Grace Kids Team Members love to create worship experiences for kids in which they can encounter God in unique and remarkable ways. Kids in the nursery through the sixth grade have the opportunity to learn about the God who created them in a safe and fun environment. Our Grace Kids worship experience takes place every Sunday at 10:15am and includes a time of kids worship as well as exciting Bible lessons that will point kids to Jesus. Be sure to stop by Kids Check-in in the lobby so we can help you register your kids and ensure you know where they will be at all times. Another special part of our kids ministry at Grace is our AWANA program meeting on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm throughout the school year.

First Impressions

From the parking lot, to the pew, and everywhere in between, our First Impressions Team serves with the goal of making sure everyone who attends Grace feels welcomed and loved. Our First Impression Team Members arrive early to park cars, ensure the coffee is hot, the delicious treats are prepared, guest packets are ready, and so much more! 

Worship Arts

Our Worship Arts Team plays a big role in helping create worship experiences that allow us to encounter God. Our vocalists and musicians are the visible members of this team who diligently rehearse and prepare so that they can lead our worship in music with the excellence and passion that our God is worthy of! Behind the scenes, are so many other team members who help with graphic design, social media, sound and video, and so much more. Part of encountering God is encountering Him with your whole person. Our Worship Arts Team works hard to ensure that all you see and hear at Grace is enjoyable and inspiring!


Our Youth have a heart for connecting teenagers to the God who created them! They meet every Sunday at 6:30pm for a time of games, worship, Bible Study, and hanging out. Along with these weekly meetings, various activities are scheduled throughout the year that allow teens to connect with one another in safe, fun, and supervised environments.  

If you want to find out more about Youth Group, click here.

Grace Group Leaders

Grace is not a church with small groups; Grace is a church of small groups. These groups would not be possible without incredible men and women who open their homes weekly to create safe and comfortable environments in which we can experience growth. Not only do these leaders open their homes, but they prepare weekly to ensure that Grace Groups are relevant and encouraging. They do all of this while spending time every week in prayer for those in their groups. If you want to find out more about our Grace Groups, just click here.


Our Facilities Team Members are the unsung heroes at Grace. Theirs is a task that is not usually noticed unless it is undone. This team is responsible for ensuring the building is clean, the walkways are cleared, and the property is safe. This behind-the-scenes team is vital to creating an environment in which people can encounter God. The enemy will use any and every distraction to hinder us from really focusing our hearts and minds on God and this team works diligently to remove those distractions before we even gather for worship on Sunday.

Prayer Team

Prayer is such an integral part of the Christian life and must be an integral part of a church's life. Our prayer team functions in three primary ways. First, prayer team members make themselves available to pray with those who attend our weekend worship service at the conclusion of the service. Second, many prayer team members gather on Tuesday mornings for a time of prayer. Finally, our prayer team receives requests submitted to the church so that each request can be prayed over by the entire team.


Our Follow-up Team Members serve to make sure that anyone who attends Grace knows how grateful we are that they attended! Follow-up Team Members are responsible for making sure all first-time guests receive the various gifts that we give at Grace. Also, this team prays every week for requests submitted during our weekend worship experience. All of the visits, emails, and phone calls made to assist in assimilating returning guests to Grace are taken care of by our Follow-up Team. And this is the team that is responsible for our exciting LAUNCH events.